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De-cluttering your business is the first step towards achieving a greater level of control over your company’s day-to-day operations. Our document shredding experts at Hot Shred have helped hundreds of companies securely de-clutter their spaces, and within our new post, we’re highlighting our guide to the de-cluttering process.

Sort old documents

We often leave older documents lying around on desks and in drawers where we’ll get to them later. But the de-cluttering process begins with sorting. Make sure that any documents containing sensitive information about the company or its customers are sorted into a separate pile from those which are considered junk mail or otherwise unimportant items. Older documents with sensitive information will have to go through the document shredding process alongside trusted industry experts.

Consult with team members

Before throwing out any old documents, make sure you consult with your team members about the value the document might provide. It’s important that the management of documents involves several people, including those with decision-making authority. Conduct a final sort of the documents to go through the shredding process to make sure that there are no details that could be of use to your company in the future.

Choose a Qualified Document Shredding Company

The company that you choose to take on the document shredding work should be committed to completing high-quality work within a consolidated timeframe. Review the company’s services carefully and find out more about how they take on the document shredding process. Are their team members trained for security purposes? Do they go through background checks before getting a job at the company? Ask the team whether they will provide you information about the location of the documents, and will update you when documents have been destroyed at their facility. This can be important in ensuring total destruction of all documents.

Working with the team at Hot Shred, you can ensure that documents with sensitive information on them are destroyed according to industry recognized practices. Our team is trained to complete the highest quality, secure shredding work. To discover more, call us today.