In choosing your specialist for document shredding, it’s important to take on the research process carefully. Our team at Hot Shred has decades of experience in the document shredding industry, and within this latest post, we’ll explain a little more about the important questions to consider when choosing a specialist.

What happens to the shredded information?

It’s important you find out more about the end process for the shredding information. Are the shredded documents simply taken to a landfill or they disposed of in an environmentally-friendly way? The best practices in the industry state that documents should be baled and then re-used through an authorized recycling company.


Who collects the documents?

Make sure your shredding partner works with qualified specialists during the shredding process. The person that picks up the documents from your facilities should be highly-qualified and should have gone through the background checks to ensure they will go through the proper processes.


Do you provide scheduled services?

One of the leading considerations when choosing a document shredding company is their ability to meet your scheduling demands. How often do they pick up your shredded documents and can they work with you to craft a customized schedule for the shredding process? These are leading considerations to review when choosing a document shredding firm.


Can you offer references?

Make sure the document shredding company can provide you with multiple references for their services. They should be able to show you they are capable in terms of their ability to shred documents according to the industry’s top standards. Their past clients should also recommend their services when you ask about the company’s work ethic and commitment to quality.


In choosing a document shredding firm, make sure you analyze the company’s background and working processes. Our experienced team at Hot Shred offer a dynamic document shredding service designed to assure confidentiality and affordability for the growing business. To discover more about our work, call today.