Your document shredding company will be responsible for maintaining the security of company data and ensuring that all documents are safely removed from circulation. Our team at Hot Shred has decades of experience as a leading document shredding firm, and in this latest post, we’ll present our tips for choosing a shredding company.

1. Consider their full range of services

You might be searching for a company that can responsibly dispose of all old data. Data can now be found on documents as well as hard drives, and so many companies within the document shredding industry also offer hard drive destruction services. Consider the firm’s full range of data destruction work before making that final decision.


2. Review the chain of custody

What is the firm’s chain of custody once they receive the documents from your team? Make sure that they follow a secure process that mitigates the chances of data falling into the wrong hands. At each phase of the process, the company should have the means to contact you and detail the stage of their document destruction work. This can help you rest assured that your data is protected.


3. Choose a company with experience

Make sure the company you’re working with has been in the document destruction industry for several decades. Their experience will be crucial in handling any issues that might arise at a moment’s notice. This experience will also be crucial in ensuring they can schedule your document shredding work effectively.


4. Ask for references

You should always ask for references when selecting a document shredding firm. The company’s references will provide an indication about their quality of services. When speaking with references, discuss the company’s working process and any issues that arose during the working relationship.


5. Contact HOT Shred

Our experienced team at Hot Shred has helped companies across the region to safely shred their working documents. To learn more about our document shredding expertise, call us today.