Document destruction is an important topic in Texas as companies seek to comply with the Texas Information Disposal Act. The Act legislates the need for Texas companies that deal with personal information to destroy this personal information professionally. It’s the reason that many Texas companies are now seeking out professional document destruction services. In this latest post, we’ll explain more about the value of document destruction services for your company.

Avoid fines

The fine for each civil record that has been left intact according to the definition in the Texas Information Disposal Act is $500. For companies with hundreds of customers, the fines could be substantial and could cause long-term damage to the business. It’s better to be proactive in terms of document destruction services and work with a local company to ensure you abide by the law with precision.

Minimize documentation management issues

Paper copies of documents don’t always have to be kept within the company offices. Many business owners now find that their offices are overflowing with paper. By simply hiring a document destruction services company you can mitigate the documentation management problem and ensure a cleaner workspace for yourself and your staff.

Employees shouldn’t handle document management

One of the main ways companies attempt to handle document destruction is by hiring in-house employees to take on the work. But this can cause significant headaches within the team. One employee might find out about another’s bonus in the paperwork, leading to HR issues that can be difficult to resolve over the long-term. By hiring a professional document destruction services company, you can reduce the potential for conflict and streamline the workspace cleaning process.

Effective location management for important documents

When you have important documents with secret company information that have to be shredded, you can work with the shredding services company to achieve up to date insights on the document’s location, limiting the potential for security issues in the long-term.

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